Birding is about happiness, knowledge and friends ! – Mr. Ravi Shastri, Jaipur


Mr. Ravi Shastri is a well-known birder from Jaipur, Rajasthan.
He is an engineer and owns a Samsung service center in Jaipur.

BirderPics: Hello Ravi sir, welcome to our online magazine BirderPics.
Ravi Shastri: Thank you.

BirderPics: Ravi sir, since when have you started birding?
Ravi Shastri: Since past 3 to 4 years.

BirderPics: How did you develop interest in birding?
Ravi Shastri: I will attribute it to my mother, Mrs. Tara Shastri, who inculcated love for nature and birds in me since childhood. She used to regularly tell me stories about beautiful colorful birds.

BirderPics: How do your family, friends and neighbors look at your hobby?
Ravi Shastri: I am really lucky that my family, neighbors and friends are very helpful and support my birding hobby thoroughly. Whenever they spot any new bird in the vicinity they immediately inform me about it.

BirderPics: Will you tell us about any birding spots in your vicinity?
Ravi Shastri: Yes, it is Bharatpur. I am a frequent visitor there.

BirderPics: Which was your best birding tour till now and why?
Ravi Shastri: It is Sattal, as I spotted more than 100 bird species in just 2 days !!


BirderPics: Which other birding destinations have you visited till now?
Ravi Shastri: I had been to Himachal, Uttaranchal, Chaffi, Nainital, Bhimtal, Manali, Kullu, Dhanaulti, Rajaji National Park, Munnar, Periyer, Bharatpur, Jorbeer etc.

BirderPics: Would you like to share some of your unique experiences with us?
Ravi Shastri: Yes, there is an unique experience… not a very fortunate one, but still I would like to share it here. Last summer, a family of Grey Partridge would come to drink water kept outside my house. This family was residing behind my building in a large space with low vegetation.

I started keeping a regular watch and recorded their activities. It was a great contentment to watch the chicks coming in a line to drink water and watching them grow. But on one unfortunate day, the whole area behind my building was cleared off the vegetation leaving no place for the Partridges to stay.

Fortunately, following the recent rains, some vegetation has reappeared and I hope that I will be able to see some wonderful birds there again.


BirderPics: Which tour (Destination) is on your wish list in near future and why?
Ravi Shastri: I would like to go to OMG (Old Magazine House) Dandeli. I hope to see some southern bird species there.

BirderPics: How does birding add quality to your life?
Ravi Shastri: It makes me feel happy and gives me a cause… see….we all live a routine life… birding brings new energy in your life. Every day it brings something new….. new birds, new species, new colors and new people. When we meet people, we share knowledge and form a circle. After I started birding, I could make friends from various parts of India like Pune, Karnataka and also from various parts of world like USA, Abu-Dhabi etc. I think all this is because of birding.


BirderPics: What is your carry along when you go for birding?
Ravi Shastri: My back pack contains my gear, extra camera batteries, extra camera cards, extra mobile batteries, water bottle, snacks, hat, lighter, preliminary medicines and mosquito repellant.

BirderPics: Do you prefer using masks and hides while birding?
Ravi Shastri: I don’t use hides. I believe that if you become a part of nature and make minimum movements, birds will not take you to be a stranger.

BirderPics: Do you keep record of the birds sighted?
Ravi Shastri: I keep records in memory cards. Also it gets automatically recorded when I upload it on the social media.

BirderPics: Which gear do you use for photography?
Ravi Shastri: Nikon P900.

BirderPics: Would you like to give a few tips for new birders?
Ravi Shastri: Keep distance and don’t disturb the nature. Whenever you see litter, please collect it, don’t wait for someone else to do it.

BirderPics: Would you like to share the names of two birders with whom you would like to work?
Ravi Shastri: I would like to work with Dr. Sachin Khattar and Mr. Arijit Banerjee. is very happy to publish this interview of Mr Ravi Shastri. We are thankful to him for his time and contribution.

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Happy Birding….


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  1. well answered and heartwarming interview which will create interest in new birding people as to how they should treat the nature

  2. I never knew this much about the birds before.and about so many species.thanks sir welldone hats off to u keep it up.stay blessed!,.👍👍

  3. It’s been to early to put words for Ravi Shastri… it has been few months I am working along with Ravi shastri….But what I have realised about his honesty and loyalty towards what ever he do….

  4. I Knw Mr.Ravi shastri since last 7 years ..he is vry hardworking and cooperative and nice human being.His love towards nature is very old and deep..Good wrk Ravi ji….

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