Birding brings peace of mind and joy..! – Mr. Aravind Venkatraman


Mr. Aravind Venkatraman is a well-known birder from Chennai. He is a financial analyst with one of the world’s leading bank. His family includes his mothers, wife and a 3 year old son who also shows interest in birding, and is now able to identify few birds.

BirderPics: Hello Aravind sir, welcome to our online magazine We are really pleased to have you with us today. So let us start…

Since when have you started birding?
Aravind Venkatraman: I have always been interested in wildlife and nature but started birding and bird photography since 2012.

BirderPics: How does your family support you in the birding?
Aravind Venkatraman: I travel quite a lot to make images and unless there is support from family this cannot happen. Hence, very supportive I should say!

BirderPics: Will you tell us about birding spots in your vicinity, if any?
Aravind Venkatraman: There are lots of spots around Chennai. My favourite of the lot would be Pulicat backwaters which are ideal for waders, shorebirds and terns.

BirderPics: Which was your best birding tour till now and why?
Aravind Venkatraman: I cannot point one as best. Each of the trips I have made has been the best. Be it the Himalayan birding or birding in the jungles of Western Ghats.

Sociable LapwingBirderPics: Would you like to share some of your unique experiences with us?
Aravind Venkatraman: Each trip has been unique and the best of the lot was in 2015 when we headed to LRK. First bird that we made images of in the trip was Sociable Lapwing (Near threatened and very few left).

BirderPics: Which tour (Destination) is on your wish list in near future and why?
Aravind Venkatraman: I would like to go to North East. Purely for the diversity and the magnificent bird life. Over 600 bird species found in India are from North East.

BirderPics: How does birding add quality to your life?
Aravind Venkatraman: With the way life is becoming demanding and the rat race in the corporate life, birding brings peace of mind and joy on doing what we love to do.

BirderPics: Which is your preferred timing and season of going out for birding?
Aravind Venkatraman: There is no preferred time and season as there is activity all through the day in every season, I head as and when possible.

Blue tailed bee eaterBirderPics: Which gear do you use for photography?
Aravind Venkatraman
: I use a Canon 1D Mark IV body and a Canon 500mm lens.

BirderPics: Do you use monopod or tripod for photography?
Aravind Venkatraman: Yes. I use a Gitzo tripod with a Benro GH2 Gimbal Head and a Benro Monopod.

BirderPics: How do clean and maintain your gear?
Aravind Venkatraman: I clean them up after each visit and also ensure to give it for service twice a year.

BirderPics: What care do you take while handling your gear? ( Specially during Rainy days)
Aravind Venkatraman: Everything is a must to protect the gear. I use everything from the rain cover to shoulder straps which ensures the gear is safe and secure.

Grey headed canary flycatcherBirderPics: Do you prefer using binoculars?
Aravind Venkatraman: Yes, I use a Nikon binocular.

BirderPics: How do you protect yourself from insects while in the wild?
Aravind Venkatraman: For this I wear trousers of full length and use sun screens.

BirderPics: Do you keep record of birds sighted?
Aravind Venkatraman: Yes, I maintain two records. One my photography lifer list (only images that are of quality) and two birding life list ( all the sightings)

BirderPics: Would you share the names of two birders with whom you will like to work?
Aravind Venkatraman: I am always fascinated by two names in the bird photography world.

  1. Matthew Studbaker
  2. Glen Bartley.

Wish to do one of the trips organized by them in the future. is very happy to publish this interview of Mr Aravind Venkatraman. We are thankful to him for his time and inputs.

Happy Birding….

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  1. Very few have the ability and wish to pursue passion, you are one among them. I am happy the way you had come, continue to you enjoy the bliss. Pats

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