Bhigwan – Flamingo Paradise In Maharashtra


Bhigwan is a small town about 100kms from Pune. It is situated at one end of the Yashwant Sagar reservoir, forming the backwaters of the Ujani dam. Bhigwan is also called as “Bharatpur of Maharashtra” as it is known for many winter migratory birds.

There are two main places where bird sighting is done- Diksal and Kumbhargaon.

Birds commonly seen:

Greater flamingo, Painted stork, Ruddy shelduck, Cormorants , Asian open billed stork, Godwit, Grey heron, Pond heron, Egrets, Sandpipers, Wagtails, Northern shoveler, Black drongo, Grey headed seagull, River tern, House sparrow, Raptors.

These are just to name a few…..

Nearest Airport:

Lohgaon airport Pune(104 km)

Nearest railway station:


Nearest bus station:


Best time to visit:

December to February

Best time for birding:

6.30 am to 9.00 am

Bhigwan is not a declared bird sanctuary. Individuals who wish to visit Bhigwan may contact for knowing the resource person.

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