Asian fairy bluebird


Asian fairy blue bird is found across tropical southern Asia. It is an arboreal bird.

How does the bird appear…

It is a medium sized bird with marked sexual dimorphism. Bill, legs and claws are black. Iris is red and eyelids are pinkish.

Male- It is a shining ultramarine-blue with pale-violet reflections on its upper plumage, lesser wing coverts, and under tail coverts. Sides of head and underparts are deep black. Greater wing-coverts, quills, and tail are black. Some coverts are tipped with blue. Middle tail feathers are glossed with blue.

Female- It has brownish-blue upper plumage, the lesser wing coverts, and the lower tail coverts. Middle tail feather, primaries and secondaries are dark-brown. The greater wing coverts, primary coverts, and tertiaries are dark brown, with a blue tinge on the outer webs. Sides of the head and whole lower plumage is blue.

Juveniles resemble female.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is found in evergreen forests of hills and plains in India but is also seen in humid and deciduous forest.


It feeds mainly at canopy level. It feeds basically on fruits. It also takes insect, flies, termites but it forms only a minor part of its diet.

Breeding & Nesting

Breeding season is from February to April. Nest is flimsy cup like structure. It builds nest in thickets. Nest is built by female. Incubation period is of 13-14 days.


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