Ashy Prinia


(Hindi name: Phutki)

Ashy prinia is a small, active and noisy bird. This bird easily identified because of its small size, distinctive colors and upright tail.

In this article we will explore where to spot this bird, and learn more about its habits and habitat.

Habitat: Best places to spot Ashy prinia

Ashy prinia is commonly found in dry open grass land, open woodland, scrub and in home gardens in many cities. Usually it is seen clambering about or hopping on the ground.

Nesting Habits

It builds nest close to the ground in shrub or in tall grass. Nest is small cup like structure. Rarely the bird reuses nest material to rebuild a nest at new location.

Food Habits

Ashy Prinia is insectivorous.

Plumage: How does this bird looks?

This is 13-14 cms long bird. It has short black beak. The crown is grey with rufous underparts. Wings are short and rounded. Tail has longest central feather. It is cream coloured tipped with black sub-terminal spots. The tail is usually held upright. In non-breeding season, short and narrow white supercilium and a longer tail are seen.


Ashy Prinia is monogamous. The breeding season is round the year but mostly after the monsoons. Female lays 3-5 eggs. The eggs are of a somewhat pointed oval form and exceedingly glossy. Eggs vary from brick red to rich chestnut in colors. The eggs hatch in 12 days.


Ashy prinia is usually seen in pairs but roosts singly on the branch or on shrub.

Ashy-Prinia-in-non-breeding plumage
Ashy-Prinia-in-non-breeding plumage


The species shows shading of feathers twice a year (moult). A moult occurs in spring (April-May) another moult occurs in autumn (Oct-Nov). Biannual moult is theorized to be favoured when ectoparasite loads are very high. Ashy prinia is a non migratory bird.


  • Kingdom – Animalia
  • Phylum – Chordata
  • Class – Aves
  • Order- Passeriformes
  • Family – Cisticolidae
  • Subfamily – Psittaculinae
  • Genus – Prinia
  • Species- P. Socialis
  • Binomial name- Prinia Socialis

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