What is BirderPics.com?

BirderPics.com is an online magazine for birders. It was started in May 2016. It intends to provide all birding related information needed by fellow birders in one place. This information includes various domains mentioned below. You can also Download BirderPics App from the Google Play store to get regular birding news & updates.

Who is it for?

BirderPics.com is for everybody who loves birds, birding, bird photography and want to know various birding destinations and birding events in India.

What can you find on the website?

Following information is available on BirderPics.com

Birding Tours

At BirderPics, you will find information about upcoming birding & wildlife tours to the most popular destinations in India.

Finding tour operators who offer carefully designed, professionally guided, and worry-free birding trips (both customized and scheduled) is made easy on BirderPics.com.

Fellow Birding Experts

Know more about your fellow birders in detail. These birding experts will give you tips & tricks about birding and bird photography.

You will enjoy and learn from their beautiful experiences.

Birds of India

Get the information of beautiful birds found in India through this section on Birds of India.

We always make sure to provide necessary details about the bird for easy identification and understanding of characteristic features.

Birding Gears

Do you think camera is the only birding gear?

You must go through the birding gear section on BirderPics to know your own must-have birding gear.

Birding gears with their importance, handling methods and uses are explained in this section.

Buying birding gears you need is also made easy for you through this section. We are officially affiliated with amazon.in for this purpose.

Birding News

This section will keep you updated about the happenings in the birding world. Read the weekly roundup news about birds, birders and events about birding.

Bird Photography Contest

Participate in our bird photography contest and get a chance to win amazon gift vouchers.

The Team



Dr. Prasanna Prabhakar Khatawkar is a full-time practicing Psychiatrist. He owns a psychiatry hospital by name Aadhar Hospital (www.aadharhospital.com) in Solapur(Maharashtra).

BirderPics was born as a result of his genuine interest in wildlife and birding. Through BirderPics we desire to encourage amateur birders and give them information regarding birds and birding tours.



Dr. Mrs. Trupti Prasanna Khatawkar shares passion for wildlife and birding with Dr. Prasanna and contributes in every possible way to make BirderPics presentable and beautiful.

Jitesh Patil Web Designer & Developer

Site Designer & Developer

BirderPics website is designed and developed by Mr. Jitesh Patil

Mr. Akash Mhetras

Technical Team

Mr. Akash L. Mhetras (MCA) and Miss. Neha N. Bodhale (Dip. in 3D Animation & VFX) are working as in-house technical team for BirderPics.